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Interior Painting

If properly selected, a little bit of color can go a long way in giving your home or office a look that is personalized. Bold colors can help accentuate your furnishings while soft colors can give an air of relaxation. You cal also add even more pizzazz with textures and faux finishes. Carolina Blue Painting can help you select the colors and finishes that work best with your tastes and furnishings. We can also frame out walls and doorways as well as install drywall to better utilize space. Once Carolina Blue Painting has finished your project, we are certain you will be pleased for years to come.

Exterior Painting

Before we begin any exterior painting project, we power wash the exterior to remove loose paint and dirt. We then sand and scrape all peeling paint areas before we apply a premium oil-based primer. Exterior painting services include repairing and painting outside structures such as wood or vinyl siding, eaves and overhangs. Additional services include priming and painting exterior brick and stucco walls, and staining exterior natural finishes.

Textured and Faux Finishes

Carolina Blue Painting offers custom-designed textured and faux finishes to create a unique look for your style. We can enhance your living or work space with color washing, where we layer semi-transparent colors; crackle and aging techniques that give the impression of an aged patina; and ragging or sponging where the illusion of three-dimensions gives depth to your flat walls.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Real hardwood floors are a beautiful asset to any home – they increase its value instantly and if properly maintained, can last a lifetime. Sometimes, though, that beautiful asset is covered by years of abuse and dirt. Carolina Blue Painting can bring back the original shine and beauty of your hardwood floors with a complete refinishing. We sand your floors to bare wood and then apply two to three coats of finish.

Power washing

Carolina Blue Painting can power wash the exterior of any home, deck or commercial building. This service is performed in conjunction with any exterior paint or deck staining project, or it can be used to periodically remove grime any building’s exterior.

Deck Staining

Staining your deck is more than just something to make it look pretty for entertaining family and friends. It’s also the best way to protect your investment from the elements of nature. A deck stain must be able to resist abrasion, UV light, temperature fluctuations, and water. Carolina Blue Painting can help you select the color to match your home and its surroundings. The most important part of a deck staining project is the cleaning and preparation. Carolina Blue Painting makes sure this is done properly so your finish will last as long as possible given the effects of the sun and weather.

Color Consultation

Do you find you are overwhelmed with all the color choices? Not to worry, Carolina Blue Painting can help you choose the colors that best match your personality and surroundings. We can also refer you to one of our expert interior decorators.

We work with the following types of clients:

  • Homeowners
  • Custom Home Builders
  • Remodeling Contractors
  • Commercial Builders
  • Property Managers
  • Commercial Property Owners
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Condominium and Townhouse Associations