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Carolina Blue Painting – About You

No, we don’t have some secret, insider information on you. But, we do want to make sure you know that our business is just that – about you. Most companies will have an “About Us” page dedicated to touting their qualifications and experience, and if you want to know about ours, you can visit our About Us¬†page. This page, however, is dedicated to you. Here you will learn how Carolina Blue Painting can make a difference in your life or business.

You – As a Homeowner

Today the world is so fast-paced and hectic. You run from home to work and back home again with scarcely a second for yourself. Then there is the cooking, cleaning and other household chores that take up any spare time you may have to relax. If you have kids, well, that’s another story entirely.

When you do get home, we’re fairly certain you want your living space to be an oasis – a place that takes you away from the daily grind and helps you refocus for the next day. Your home should give you a sense of comfort and security. It should be a place where you are able to take some time out for friends and family instead of having to complete a long “to-do” list on the weekends to maintain your largest investment.

Whether it’s the interior, exterior or decking on your home, one of the best and least expensive ways to create the sanctuary you want is with paint. It might seem like a simple step to take, but if colors are chosen and applied properly, you can make a dramatic transformation in the appearance of your home. It can go from the ordinary to becoming the home you always dreamed of owning.

You – As a Business Owner

Owning commercial property can be extremely demanding. Whether it is office space, a business park, individual retail stores, or a warehouse, you have the full responsibility of maintaining the building’s interior and exterior. Regardless of the setting, it’s all about your property’s curb appeal. By having paint, textures, or faux finishes expertly applied, you can make a tremendous visual impact when people work in or visit your commercial space.

If you are leasing office, retail or warehouse space, we know you want to make sure the property looks good – especially if you are trying to attract new tenants. Perhaps you are in a professional office setting like a law or accounting firm and you would like to make sure the space is inviting to your clients. Either way, a fresh application of paint can give a dingy space the vibrancy and clean look it needs to make a strong visual statement.

You – As Our Customer

We greatly value our customers and the referrals they give. Carolina Blue Painting is a company that is dedicated to its own success. The way we will achieve this goal is to always remember that you, as our customer, are the most important factor in our success. If you aren’t happy with our work, then we didn’t do our job right.

You might not know what colors to choose to best compliment your furnishings, but you do know you should be treated fairly and with respect by skilled painters who are attentive to detail. These are the guiding principles we use to make sure your expectations are understood and met by our team of professional painters. This is the only way to ensure your satisfaction.

Our goal is to make sure your project is done correctly the first time. Each project is personally managed and inspected by the owner of Carolina Blue Painting. He makes sure all the holes are neatly filled, edges are straight, paint is properly covering corners and ceilings, and the project is progressing to your liking.